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PCOC (Boating License)

Boating LicenseAll New Brunswick boat operators are required to carry a Pleasure Craft Operator Card*, commonly referred to as a New Brunswick boating license. Although contrary to some belief there is not a separate PCOC for New Brunswick. The federal Canadian law applies to all boaters operating a boat on any Canadian waterway regardless of size of motor, length of boat and boaters age.

The official Transport Canada Accredited Pleasure Craft Operator Card or referred to as "New Brunswick boating license" is available online or in-person from BOATsmart!® Canada. Boaters who take the Pleasure Craft Operator Card exam online can complete the official Transport Canada online safe boating course and exam from home. You can print a temporary card immediately when you pass the boating license exam and your permanent BOATsmart!® operator card is good for life.

How to Get Your Operator Card in New Brunswick:

  1. Register with BOATsmart!®, a Transport Canada Accredited Provider.
  2. Complete the Safe Boating Course
  3. Pass the Final Boating License Exam

Boating License in New Brunswick

*Pleasure Craft Operator Card or proof of competency